What is The Map of Kindness?

Maybe you’ve heard that “kindness is contagious”. But how does kindness actually move? How far can one act of kindness travel? What impact do acts of kindness have on those around us?

Part art project, part social experiment, and part data visualization exercise, The Map of Kindness is a crowdsourced social experience started by David Jermyn to explore these questions in a unique way. 

Through the sharing of ‘thank you’ cards like the one you’ve just received, the hope is that you (and those like you) will feel inspired to help this project continue by paying this act of kindness forward. Over time, we should see a rich network connecting all those touched by these simple acts of kindness appear on the map we co-create. 

WHY is The Map of Kindness?


How do I help?

First: mark where you received your card on the map on the next page. Second: gift your card to someone who makes one of your days a little bit brighter. 

David is distributing 100 cards to people he meets and interacts with in Toronto. Where the cards go from there is anyone’s guess. 

But the fate of this particular card is very much up to you…

What’s the catch? Do I need to buy something?

No! This is a community-driven project, powered by participation. It is 100% free. 

Ok… but do I need to sign up for something?

No! This project is anonymous by default. Mark your present location on the map and you’re done. You will not be asked for any identifying info. 

If you want to be more than an anonymous participant, you can ‘login’ below before heading to the map. This is entirely optional.

Colour me intrigued… anything else I should know?

The basics are covered. For any other questions, please reach out to dj@davidjermyn.com.