The Map of Kindness

Crowdsourced Social Experiment

Ruins of Zindor

Immersive Theatrical Escape Game


Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt


Virtual World with Proximity-Based Social Interaction

Level Up

Narrative Virtual Concert/Dance Party

Virtual Reality

Narrative-Driven Virtual Dance Party

The Funhouse Goes Fabulon

Art Maze Escape Room & Dance Party

Planet Fabulon (Season 1)

Immersive Dance Party Series

Animated GIF Station

Live Event Video Booth Activation

Be My Guest

Sci-Fi Dramatic Short Film

The Good Farm

Independent Documentary Feature


Comedy Feature Film (Independent)

Masterchef Canada

Food Competition (CTV)

Great Canadian Baking Show

Food Competition (CBC)

Funny How?

Documentary Series (VICELAND)

Killer Clergy

True Crime / Drama Recon (Discovery ID)

Drugs Inc.

True Crime Doc (National Geographic)

Vegas Cakes

13x30' Food Obs Doc
(Food Network)

Jodie Marsh is…

Human Interest Doc (TLC)

Underworld Inc.

True Crime Doc (National Geographic)

Best. Trip. Ever.

Adventure Travel (Discovery Channel)