Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt

A 5-day, web-based AR Scavenger Hunt narrative, presented by Luminato Festival Toronto, and build in collaboration with ASTOUND Digital.

Players received a pre-event video and instructions sending them to Christie Pits Park in Toronto, to help repair rifts in reality and save The Captain from inter-dimensional limbo. Using a smartphone, they were prompted to access our web-based AR app, that walked them through a narrative trek through the park to find and interact with 3 different “inter-dimensional rifts” and the characters found inside. At the end of the journey, players were prompted to add a star to a live updating “I was here” mechanic that showed them how many others had played through the experience and given the option to take a selfie with The Captain.

We also created an optional 360-video live stream DJ dance party “live from inter-dimensional limbo” to provide a climax to the week. Using web-AR, players could summon a life-sized portal on their smartphone screen, then literally walk through it to stand inside the virtual dance party on the other side, where our DJ and the characters from the scavenger hunt had all collected for the party.